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We are expert in 

Computer vision,Data science,Machine Learning

Wassa’s Research & Development team designs innovative solutions based on Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

Our offer

Put innovation into operation

Wether with our own products or through customized solutions , we collect images or videos to process and analyze data usefull for your activities.

Our offer is adapted to your challenges and environments in order to deliver challenging end-to-end solution designed for experimental or operational use.

Our Expertises

Image and data processing skills

Wassa's teams cover all fields needed for a global image analysis solution. It covers data collect and algorithms development whereas architecture, hosting and results analysis and displays.

  • image analysisImage analysis
  • algoMachine learning
  • deep learningDeep learning
  • cloud computingCloud & Edge computing
  • image and videoImages / Videos
  • realtime processingReal time processing

Our teams are able to support you during all steps of a data science or business intelligence project. We can design and set-up Data lakes, clean data, develop and deploy algorithms as well as data retrieval.

  • big dataBig Data & Cloud platform
  • data engineeringData engineering
  • BusinessBusiness intelligence
  • Data scienceData science
  • Data miningData mining
  • testRapport & Restitution

Platforms & Environment

Desktop, tablet, smartphone, IoT, online camera, server, cloud, touch screen, kiosk...

Our solutions are compatible with any platform! They can easily be embedded (mobile SDK, desktop or server applications), or are available through API.

Our Products

Usable & efficient solutions

Wassa provides off-the-shelf products based on computer vision and machine learning to analyze images and videos. If needed, these products can be embedded or interact with other platforms.

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Wassa Innovation Services

Image Analysis Algorithm Platform

Wassa Innovation Services is an unified platform that allows the access to images and videos analysis services. Directly available, these services can be used directly or integrated within a custom solution.

Custom solutions

Solutions that fit your needs

Based on your requirements, Wassa designs custom solutions that fit your needs. Our intervention scope covers operational solutions as well as prototypes or proof of concept.

Safety recognition solution for construction sites

Driving behavior analysis

Construction site material detection and counting

Suitcase detection and analysis

Wether to discuss about an idea, a concept or find a partner, contact us to exchange about your project

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