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Wassa’s Research & Development team designs amazing digital solutions based on Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

We analyze images to collect information and data in order to provide off-the-shelf products and custom solutions.

We are expert in Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Face and morphological recognition
Face and morphological recognition
Image recognition
Image recognition
Shapes and objects recognition
Shapes and objects recognition
Optical character recognition
Optical character recognition

Our expertise

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Wassa provides off-the-shelf products based on computer vision and machine learning to recognize images, faces and morphological criteria.

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Custom solutions

Wassa designs custom solutions that suit to your needs. We work on proof of concept (PoC), and operative solutions.

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Desktop, tablet, smartphone, IoT, online camera, servers, touch screen, kiosk… our solution are compatible with any platform!
All of our solutions can easily be embedded (mobile SDK, desktop or server applications) or are available through API.

Our products

Custom solutions

Wassa is able to adapt its research to provide custom solutions to its clients.

Keep safety on construction site

Safety recognition solution for construction sites

Detect and follow coworkers on site in order to determine if they are wearing their safety equipment.

The solution is able to detect vehicles and determine a safety distance, or, to provide intrusion alerts.

Analyze driver behavior

Driving behavior analysis

Analyze driving behavior to get a scientific understanding of accidents.

The solution is able to detect inattention and tiredness of the driver and to analyze inside and outside of the car (passenger, cars, etc.).

For privacy matters, plates and pedestrian’s faces are blurred.

You need experts in Computer Vision or Machine Learning for your project?
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